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Marino Isolani



Body Transformation


General Wellness

Strength Training

The work is hard but it is worth it, because you are worth it.


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Training Philosophy

Focus, Drive and Efficiency are at the core of my fitness method. With every exercise, I help people take themselves to the next level and achieve their best physical health. My goal is to create a killer workout program that challenges your body and mind and takes you to the next level. I enjoy listening to my client’s needs and pay attention to how they use their bodies. Most of the time, people are in their own way, held back by trepidation and self-doubt. I help my clients break down those mental barriers and teach them how to better connect their bodies to their minds and show them how to use both in a stronger and more holistic way. All this, of course, with a smile and a high-energy attitude. The work is hard but it is worth it, because you are worth it.



Claim to Fame

I remember everyone’s birthday, if I hear it or see it once, it is engraved in my mind forever. Expect that Happy Birthday text.

Favorite Way To Relax

Swimming in the ocean

Most Interesting Place I've Been

Top of the Alps in Zermatt, Switzerland

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